8 February 2010, Park and infrastructure approved, work to commence immediately
7 September 2009, Balfour Street Park works begin
September 2009, Chippendale Food Co-op to open in Kensington Street

August 2009, First residential plans submitted
August 2009, First Project Applications submitted
21 June 2009, FraserStudios Open Day
31 March 2009, 'Underground to Aboveground' exhibition
22 March 2009, FraserStudios Open Day
04 March 2009, Community Meeting
19 February 2009, Minister for Planning approves Modified Concept Plan
10 February 2009. FraserStudios: calling all artists
12 December 2008, Introducing our new Community Liaison Officer: Carlene Summers

Construction on Central Park’s main park and infrastructure set to commence immediately
8 February 2010

The New South Wales Department of Planning has given approval to Frasers Property Australia to commence building the main park and related infrastructure such as roads, footpaths and traffic lights.

Frasers will commence work immediately to deliver the public park, which is a significant new green space for the people of Chippendale and the centrepiece of the redevelopment of the CUB site. The building contractor, Christies Civil Contracting, will be appointed today with construction work to commence on site within 2 weeks.

Frasers Broadway Artist Impression

Frasers made the commitment to the local community that it would deliver the park as the first element of the total urban renewal of the old Carlton and United Brewery site, and this can now occur as planned. We expect to complete the park within 12 months.

Frasers has also formally named the entire precinct and it will now be known as ‘Central Park’. In choosing this name, Frasers were inspired by the site’s close proximity to the CBD and Central Station, as well as the scale and importance of the park at the heart of the development.

The new public park will be approximately 6,500 square metres and will span 115 metres in length and 50 metres in width, in a rectangular shape. It is positioned on the Northern edge of O’Connor Street, and has a further three street frontages to new public roads (yet to be named).

Our team will continue to work with the City of Sydney Council on the details of the design elements. Key features of the new park include:

A prominent water feature which will divide Central Park into two distinct areas.
A generous pedestrian boulevarde and cycle route which will run through the centre of the park, connecting Balfour Street across to Broadway and joining Jones Street with the UTS precinct
Extensive landscaping, paving, lighting, and seating.
Significant public artwork.

Today’s milestone is the third in a series of Project Applications for the site. The Department of Planning is currently assessing four other project applications related to the future residential and commercial buildings proposed for the site, and Frasers will announce the outcomes as they come to hand.

Balfour Street Park works begin
7 September 2009

Construction and landscape works for the new Balfour Street Park, at the conjunction of Balfour Street and O’Connor Street, are scheduled to begin on Monday 7 September. The ‘pocket park’ is being built by Frasers Property as part of works related to the Frasers Broadway redevelopment, with the City of Sydney designing the park itself. The park’s design includes an innovative swale water feature with wetland planting, brick patterns and reed-like lights. Plans of the new park can be viewed in the Documents section of this web site.

Any further enquiries can be directed to Frasers’ Community Relations Manager, Carlene Summers, on 1800 282 909.

Chippendale Food Co-op to open in Kensington Street
September 2009

The Chippendale Food Co-operative will set up shop in Kensington Street in October, in space provided free by Frasers Property. The Co-op’s mission is to create the opportunity for the people of Chippendale to regularly purchase fresh, healthy produce directly from small producers within the Sydney basin, or the closest possible location. The Co-op’s 2008 Food for the Future Fair was a great success, prompting the expansion of the group’s thriving local food distribution network. Pending Council approvals, the Co-op’s base will soon be in Kensington Street, just next door to FraserStudios art space, and will be launched at a celebratory community street fair on 24 October. For more on the Co-op and the 2009 Food for the Future fair, go to www.foodforthefuturefair.org

Frasers Broadway’s first residential towers submitted for approval
August 2009

Frasers Property Australia have now lodged a Project Application (PA) for a stunning Ateliers Jean Nouvel designed residential and retail complex on Broadway, complete with unique, illuminated heliostat.

Frasers’ application, lodged in early August with the NSW Department of Planning, proposes two residential towers of 116m and 64.5m high – the tallest tower matching the height of the neighbouring UTS Tower – above a common retail and recreational podium and garden. The $600 million complex will deliver 593 apartments across the two towers in a mix of studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, plus 14,000sqm of retail space.

Dramatically extending from the taller tower is a monumental cantilever housing a panoramic terrace and a theatrical public artwork: a innovative system of fixed and motorized mirrored panels known as a ‘heliostat’. The heliostat will capture sunlight and reflect it down onto the landscaped terraces, extending the central parkland at the heart of the new precinct into this very green building.

At night, the heliostat will be transformed by French lighting artist Yann Kersale, theatrically and colourfully illuminating the towers. Yann Kersale is a lighting artist of world renown and French architect Jean Nouvel is the 2008 Pritzker Prize winner – architecture’s top international accolade – continuing Frasers’ practice of working with the world’s best architects and designers.

Adding to the extraordinary nature of this creative architecture, French botanist Patrick Blanc has been commissioned to design and install a number of his renowned ‘vegetal’ vertical living artworks. These will combine with Jean Nouvel’s vertical gardens to cover 50% of the buildings’ façades with living greenery.

Blanc’s vegetal walls together with the vertical gardens will extend the planted area of the adjacent urban park vertically onto the building, creating a green wall of foliage installed onto grids extending to the full height of the buildings. The plants receive nutrients and water from a patented hydroponic system and so are able to thrive without being planted in soil.

This is the fourth PA submitted by Frasers Property Australia this year as we prepare for construction commencement next year. Previous PAs include applications for a Foster + Partners designed commercial campus on the corner of Broadway and Abercrombie Streets, and for a 6000sqm public park.

The Department of Planning places Project Applications such as this on Exhibition, and encourages public submissions. Go to http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au to view applications on exhibition, and related documents.

Frasers Broadway’s approval process reaches a new stage, with submission of the first Project Applications
August 2009

Following approval of the modified concept plan for Frasers Broadway in February 2009, it became possible to begin submission of Project Applications (similar to Development Applications, or DAs). The first of these PAs have now been submitted to the NSW Department of Planning, as follows:

Block 5 Residential Development
7 August 2009
This Project Application seeks approval for construction of two residential buildings (designed by Johnson Pilton Walker) at Block 5 of the Frasers Broadway site, with ancillary retail uses.

Construction of Residential Building with Ancillary Retail Uses on Block 2
31 July 2009
This Project Application seeks approval for the construction of a residential building (designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel) with ancillary uses on Block 2, including residential, retail and commercial floor space; terraces which rise from the plaza to the podium levels; construction of the surrounding public domain; and stratum subdivision.

Excavation and Construction of Basements for Blocks 2, 5 and 9
6 July 2009
This Project Application seeks approval for excavation, stabilisation works and construction of basements under Blocks 2, 5 and 9; provision of parking within the basement for Blocks 2, 3(a-c), 5, 6, 7, 9 and and 10; construction of surrounding streets between Blocks 2, 5 and 9; and construction of the shell for the Black Water Treatment Plant located within the basement area.

Blocks 1 and 4 (corner Abercrombie/Broadway)
29 May 2009
This Project Application seeks approval for the construction of a new 10-15 storey commercial building (designed by Foster + Partners), accommodating retail floor space, a childcare centre and associated basement car parking. The proposal also involves demolition of the rear ground floor bar of the Australian Hotel, demolition of the rear one storey additions of 8-12 Abercrombie Street, and construction of the surrounding public domain.
This PA is on public exhibition from 12 August to 11 September 2009.

Main Park and Related Infrastructure
9 June 2009
This Project Application seeks approval for the main park and related infrastructure including the installation of a stormwater detention tank under the main park, installation of permanent roads and footpaths surrounding the main park, including parts of O’Connor Street and Irving Street, installation of signalisation at the intersections of O’Connor Street / Abercrombie Street and Regent Street / Kent Road, associated below ground services and protection of the Ovoid Drain.

This PA is on public exhibition from 12 August to 11 September 2009.

The Department of Planning places Project Applications on Exhibition, and encourages public submissions. Go to http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=search&status_id=6 to view applications on exhibition, and related documents.

FraserStudios Open Day
21 June

On Sunday 21 June, FraserStudios is open to the public in the third of a series of ‘open studio’ events. Talk to the artists from the third round of visual arts residencies, see their work, and explore this raw inner-city creative space.

The FraserStudios Artist Residency Program is an initiative by Frasers Property to make creative use of vacant warehouse spaces in the old Kent Brewery development site, on Broadway. Since September 2008, three warehouses at 10-14 Kensington Street, Chippendale have been temporarily transformed into multi-disciplinary art spaces including a visual arts residency program, a performing arts residency program and subsidised rehearsal space for the performing arts community. FraserStudios is curated and managed for Frasers by Queen Street Studio, with additional funding from the City of Sydney and Arts NSW.

Artists involved in the third round visual arts residency are: Tim Silver, The Kingpins, Sean Rafferty, Makeshift (Karl Logge & Terra Rapaport), Rachel Scott, Louisa Dawson, Daniel Mudie Cunningham, David Wills, Ben Morley, Grant Stevens, Vaughan O’Connor, Vincent O’Connor, Mark Brown, Paul Greedy.

FraserStudios is at 10 Kensington Street, Chippendale (just off Broadway near The Clare Hotel). Sausage sizzle and drinks available by donation. More at www.queenstreetstudio.com

Frasers Property affirms commitment to CUB site on Broadway
Sydney – 17 April 2009 – In response to reports appearing in today’s media in respect of the Frasers Broadway development (the old Carton United Brewery site), Frasers Property makes the following clarifications.

The programme of works is unchanged. Demolition and remediation is continuing until mid-2009 and preparation of Project Applications for individual buildings is still in progress, with construction proceeding over a period 8-10 years, commencing in 2010.

Frasers Property acknowledges that these are challenging times for the development industry with reduced access to project funding for large scale developments. Frasers continues to believe in the viability and substantial community benefit of the Frasers Broadway project and is
continuing to work towards its realisation.

In summary:

Works on site are continuing:

- Demolition, site remediation and archaeological investigation works continue on-site as originally scheduled, to complete mid-year.

- It is not correct to characterise construction as ‘on hold’, as no approval has yet been sought or received for construction to commence.This will be requested following the receipt from the Department of Planning of approval of Project Applications for each of the individual buildings proposed on the site.
The planning and approval process is continuing:
- Approval of the amended concept plan was received in February 2009.

- In March 2009 the subdivision application to give effect to the concept plan was lodged with the City of Sydney.

- The preparation of Project Applications (PAs or DAs) for individual buildings continues as scheduled, for submission mid-year. The team of international and local architects working with Frasers on these applications remains in place. Approval of these PAs by the NSW
Department of Planning may take 4-6 months, and construction works can not begin until these PAs are approved.
Frasers’ community commitments are unchanged and will be delivered as scheduled:

- Balfour Park will be completed by December 2009.

- Main Park will be completed by December 2010.

- Affordable housing contributions to the Redfern Waterloo Authority will be paid as scheduled, commencing with $6M this year.

- Frasers has also encouraged the use of undeveloped parts of the site for transitional community activities. FraserStudios (a visual and performing arts space on Kensington Street) has been underway for 6 months and will continue well into 2010. Frasers has offered space to a local community food co-op and proposals for other temporary uses for
parts of the site in later stages of development are being considered.

For media brief please click here

‘Underground to Aboveground’ exhibition
31 March to 15 April

For 3 weeks in April, NG Art Galley will host ‘Underground to Aboveground’ The FraserStudios Residency Artists, an exhibition of multi-disciplinary artworks and performances created by artists from the first two artist residency programmes at FraserStudios.  

The FraserStudios Artist Residency Program is an initiative by Frasers Property to make creative use of vacant warehouse spaces in the old Kent Brewery development site, on Broadway. Since September 2008, three warehouses at 10-14 Kensington Street, Chippendale have been temporarily transformed into multi-disciplinary art spaces including a visual arts residency program, a performing arts residency program and subsidised rehearsal space for the performing arts community.

FraserStudios is curated and managed for Frasers by Queen Street Studio, with additional funding from the City of Sydney and Arts NSW.
This special exhibition, sponsored by Frasers Property and supported by Queen Street Studio, 10 Group and Setanta Wines, will be officially opened by the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore MP, along with guest speaker Rachel Kent, senior curator at the MCA.

NG Art Gallery is at 3 Little Queen Street, Chippendale, www.ngart.com.au.

FraserStudios Open Day
Sunday 22 March

From 12noon to 5pm on Sunday 22 March, FraserStudios will throw open the roller doors for an ‘open house’, and you’re invited. Explore the studio space, talk to the current group of visual artists, and enjoy a sausage sizzle (3pm to 5pm). No RSVP necessary, just drop in and see for yourself the creative transformation of these disused warehouses into vibrant visual and performing arts workspaces.

10-14 Kensington Street, Chippendale (off Broadway near the Clare Hotel).  

Community Meeting
6pm to 8pm, Wednesday 4 March 2009

Frasers Broadway project team members presented on and answered questions about the approved concept plan and upcoming Project Application submissions.
Project Applications are currently being prepared for:

Residential Block 2 (Ateliers Jean Nouvel)
Commercial Blocks 1 & 4 (Foster + Partners)
Residential Block 5 (Johnson Pilton Walker)
Stage 1 Infrastructure Works including the Main Park

For further information regarding the Community Meeting or the project generally please contact Carlene on 1800 282 909 or email community@frasersgreencliff.com.

Premier announces approval of concept plan for Frasers Broadway site

Sydney – 19 February 2009 – Frasers Property today welcomed the New South Wales Government’s decision to approve the modified concept plan for the Frasers Broadway site (the old Carlton United Brewery) in Chippendale. This approval, from Planning Minister The Hon. Kristina Keneally, announced today by Premier The Hon. Nathan Rees, gives the green light to opening up this 5.8 hectare site in inner Sydney, closed to the public for 150 years.

CEO of Frasers Property Australia, Dr Stanley Quek, said the company was delighted to receive approval for the project. Frasers Property’s commitment to the $2 billion project highlights the long-term approach of the company in Australia.

The Frasers Broadway project represents a significant investment in the Sydney economy. This $2 billion project, extending across 5.8 hectares of inner Sydney, will create dwellings for approximately 2,500 new residents and workspace for 5,400 workers. Up to 1200 construction jobs will be created by the development.

“This project offers a rare opportunity to design a large, mixed-use quarter on the southern gateway to the Sydney CBD,” said Dr Quek, adding “We are committed to investing in the future of this global city”.

“Frasers Broadway will be intimately connected to the web of inner-Sydney life, attracting residents and visitors to its large central park and people-friendly boulevards. A mix of homes, retail, cultural and commercial space will make for an animated and accessible urban quarter, surrounded by Sydney’s best education and transport infrastructure,” Dr Quek added.

“This project has involved extensive planning and consultation. We have listened to a wide range of views and taken a world-leading position on sustainability initiatives to deliver significant environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits to the local community and to Sydney as a whole,” Dr Quek said.

Amendments to the original concept plan for the site, approved today, have allowed Frasers to incorporate the latest thinking and most up-to-date technology in the fast-moving sustainability industry, and to respond to community interests. Other changes include an increase in publicly accessible open space, marked reduction in surface vehicle traffic and the removal of one major building to enlarge the main park and plaza.

Design quality is a high priority for Frasers, which has a uniquely international approach. Foster + Partners have led the master planning process and designed the iconic commercial building, while the Australian team is led by Richard Johnson of Johnson Pilton Walker. Pritzker award winning architect Jean Nouvel has designed the landmark residential tower which will feature prominently on Broadway. This building will feature the greening of a large proportion of the façade, designed in collaboration with French botanist and artist Patrick Blanc.

This ‘living’ building is just one of many sustainability features being introduced into the development. Tri-generation technology and water recycling operations will be in place to provide on-site energy and non-potable water needs. Frasers Property is pro-actively investigating all available technologies and initiatives to target zero net carbon across the precinct.

Construction of the first buildings on the Frasers Broadway site is anticipated to commence in early 2010.

Media inquiries:
Natalie Payne, Capital Group on 02 9252 3900 or 0450 035 075
Lisa McCutchion, Frasers Property on 02 8823 8800 or 0407 222 206

Fact Sheet on Frasers Broadway
Images of the proposed iconic buildings and access to the development site are available on request.

FraserStudios: calling all artists

Artists are now invited to apply for a three month free residency at FraserStudios, with submissions closing 25 February.  

FraserStudios is a multi-disciplinary arts space occupying three warehouses in Kensington Street, Chippendale. Opening in September 2008, this exciting arts initiative by Frasers Property has made creative use of otherwise disused properties within the Frasers Broadway development site. Studio 10 is dedicated to visual artists, with 3 storeys loosely divided into 10 studio spaces, with a multi-purpose gallery space and performance studios adjoining.

Frasers Property makes these spaces available to visual artists for three month ‘residencies’, managed by local not-for-profit arts collective Queen Street Studio, with the second residency currently underway. Submissions are now open for the third and forth residencies, commencing in April and July 2009.

For further details and submission processes download the Call for Residency document.

Introducing our new Community Liaison Officer: Carlene Summers

Carlene Summers will be taking over from Graeme Soward as Frasers’ Community Liaison Officer for the Frasers Broadway site. Carlene is now the first point of contact for members of the immediate community as demolition wraps up and through the construction phases of the project. Carlene has a thorough understanding of the needs of residents, gained through extensive experience in community liaison on a range of similar projects.

Carlene’s primary role is to work with local neighbours and residents, responding as quickly as possible to help reduce potential impacts of the work on the site. She will provide assistance and information on site activities for members of the community who live, work or study in the immediate vicinity of the site. This is roughly within 50 metres of Frasers Broadway, including the following streets: Abercrombie St (north of Queen St), Balfour St (north of Queen St), Dick St, Goold St, Kensington St, O’Connor St, Outram St, Queen St, Regent St and Wellington St.

Frasers is committed to providing a strong community liaison presence throughout the duration of this project. Members of the community who live in the area above can contact Carlene by emailing community@frasersgreencliff.com or calling the freecall number 1800 282 909.

Other interested members of the community with queries about the redevelopment can continue to email broadway@elton.com.au or call Lauren at Elton Consulting on (02) 9387 2600.




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